1. Way to operate: The QLT user only needs to use one of his/her hands to complete the operation process. Connect the coupling insert into the coupling body and put back to twist about 90 degrees toward right side. All of the operating process is fitting for human inertia. At the same time, the user can effectively reduce his/her assembly line’s time of operation and lower the cost and loss involved in the operation.

2. Set up quickly: After the initial set-up, the QLT user will know how easy this product is to operate, because he/she only has to use one hand to complete the operation process. It is a great benefit compared to the traditional way of setting up, which entails the user needing to stop the product line most of the time. All of the performance involved will result in an increase of the whole machine’s capability and efficiency.

3. Safety issues: All of the QLT products have received testimonials by several professional examining institutions. The exterior of QLT performance is very strong and stable to match the coupling insert and coupling body together. The interior of the auto-closing valve (QLT already has a high standard to compete with others in the market) can complete all of the operation process, including input and output, within mere seconds. QLT products can reduce any possible leaking problems and provide the safest conditions and protection.

4. Customize: We are not only providing the same sizes or items on the original market; we also have a strong R&D team to customize our customer needs. Using QLT products can extend our customers' product lines and help them to lower the cost.